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March 12, 2020

Your Siding: To DIY, or Not to DIY

So your siding’s old or has been damaged in a storm and is in dire need of replacement. In order to save on costs, you’ve decided to research doing it yourself. Can you get away with it, or will this just become a money sink you’ll have to pay a contractor to repair anyways? The answer to that question depends largely on your experience with projects like this, on the scope of the siding project you’re willing to do, and on the amount of (experienced) help you can scrounge up. If you decide, after reading through the article, that you may need some help after all, Denver’s Masterpiece Windows & Siding stands ready to help!

Ultimately a skilled and experienced team of professionals will be your best and — in the long run — least expensive option in most cases because of the decreased risk of any complications with the project if you hire a skilled contractor. But there are certainly exceptions to the rule. When might you want to consider doing the job yourself, and when should you really leave it to the professionals? Read on to find out!

You May Be Able to DIY Your Siding Replacement If…

You’re Getting Help from Someone With Experience
Does one of your in-laws have experience contracting, and is willing to lend you a hand? You may be able to get away with help on smaller projects, but keep in mind that even experienced teams can take a while to complete jobs on bigger houses — it can easily take over two weeks, depending on the size of your house. The steps to prepare and replace siding are long and labor-intensive, and if you’re not willing to put aside much more than a weekend here and there to get it done, this is not a good project for you.

However, if you can wrangle an experienced professional into helping you with repairs who can show you the ropes, and you’re confident in your prior handyman experience, this may be a viable option for you! This option is best for when only a small portion of your siding needs to be replaced, due to damage from a storm or impact of some sort.

You’re Just Replacing A Couple Pieces
You might not feel like the investment of hiring a contractor is worth it if you don’t need to re-side your entire house, and just need to replace a damaged slat or two. If you’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos or read a few articles on the subject, it may look like a difficult task, but not one that’s going to be impossible for you to accomplish on your own.

Even in cases like these, however, the specialized tools you’ll need to pick up to replace some brands of siding make it more than worth speaking with the original contractor. They may have some tips on industry-favorite tools to make the job easier, and where you could purchase them for the best price.

You Have Handyman Experience
If you have experience with these sorts of projects and are a professional DIYer, you may have the confidence to assume that this is a job you can do, and the competence and skill to back it up.

If the time and investment it’s going to take to do the job right doesn’t scare you away, go for it! All things considered, re-siding your house isn’t the most difficult task you may have done. It does, however, require some pretty unwavering attention to detail, so if you’re the type who strives to make projects “good enough” instead of “picture perfect”, re-siding a house may not be the project for you after all.

You Shouldn’t DIY Your Siding Replacement If…

You Don’t Have the Experience
If your sole reason for wanting to DIY your house’s re-siding project is because you don’t want to spend money, not because you have the skills and the money to successfully perform the project, you will end up with a bill that’s much larger than it was initially when a professional team has to re-do your work.

You Want the Most Bang for Your Buck
What it all boils down to is that your house won’t get the most out of its siding unless it’s installed by a team that knows what they’re doing. Professionally-hung siding has a longer lifespan and is more efficient than siding that isn’t handled by a team of contractors, and the chance of having to re-side your house goes up drastically if you try and handle projects like this alone.

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If you’re taking steps to re-side your house, Masterpiece Windows & Siding is the team of professional contractors you need on your side! Our years of experience and access to high-quality materials ensure that you get the most from your siding replacement, now and in the years to come. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!
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